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Shelving Adjustable shelves

Adjustable Shelving

All shelves are adjustable as standard at RobeDesign, which allow you to change your layout to suit your needs. All shelving come with adjustable fittings so you can move your shelves up or down in a moment very easily, Or even to remove shelves altogether to store larger items such as storage boxes, luggage, bed clothes, tvs etc.

We give you plenty of spare shelving when your fitted wardrobe or closet is installed so you can add shelves in or take them out yourself.

As we custom design each and every wardrobe/closet for our individual customers, your options are endless when it comes to the amount of shelves you have, and their width & depth.  We always take on board what you want.


At RobeDesign we have clever wardrobe storage options that maximise your space and make it easy to access everything simply.

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