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Jewellery Drawers

Wardrobe Jewellery Drawer

Jewellery drawer with various compartments for storing all your jewellery & trinkets - only from RobeDesign Sliding Wardrobes

Do you have trouble trying to store jewellery without it getting all tangled, earrings separated from each other, tipping out your whole jewellery box just to find one piece of jewellery??

We offer a clever storage solution for your watches, bracelets, chains, rings and earrings ..Organised and safe ! Protect your most valued posessions and keep them organised and tidy in our clever jewellery compartment trays.  We have 4 different tray options, to suit everyone. 

Seperate velvet lined compartments to protect your jems and jewels from scratching, in a shallow drawer, so you can pull out and access your jewellery easily.

These clever drawers come as part of our standard interior and custom designed larger drawers are not a problem.

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