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Wardrobe Storage options

This is an example of a His & Hers, 6 metre sliding wardrobe interior. Storage options include: Double hanging, single hanging, long hanging, pull down hanging rail, pull out tie & belt racks, adjustable shelving, cosmetic shelf, Jewellery & Cosmetic drawers, shoe storage, pull out baskets, wood finish underwear drawers, trouser racks and pidgeon hole shelves.

Whether you decide to conceal the storage area behind sliding doors or leave your storage area open - such as with a walk-in closet, one of our designers will ensure that  clever, practical & functional storage ideas become a reality.

In the home, adequate storage alleviates stress and creates more living space by reducing clutter. Well-designed storage can also be aesthetically pleasing and add to the overall atmosphere of the room.

Robe Design are proud to offer a full interior in all sliding wardrobes and closets. The full interior wardrobe includes a back, floor and ceiling panel in each unit. Our full interiors incorporate an 18mm woodgrain colour finish with pvc edging as standard. Choose from a choice of beech, walnut, ivory or pippy oak to name a few.

We will design, build and install a walk-in closet that takes care of all your storage needs – long hanging, short hanging, shoes, belts, ties, underwear and anything else you need stored. Rest assured, with Robe Design, we’ll take care of everything!

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