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Glass cosmetic shelf & glass bottomed cosmetic drawer

Make-up storage

Cosmetic & make up storage in the bedroom is a real problem, great tips and ideas from robedesign.

We now have glass cosmetic shelf & glass cosmetic drawer options for our wardrobes & closet interiors, which cancels out the need for a dressing table in your bedroom, we can also create an glass topped area within your wardrobe for you to sit at with a cosmetic & jewellery drawer for all your personal toiletries and jems.  Keepin all your bits and pieces neat and tidy behind a closed door.  This creates a clutter free atmosphere in any bedroom. 

The glass protects the surface of your shelf in case of any spills or leaks. You can choose any colour glass for your cosmetic shelf from our range of 22 colours.  Why not match it with your glass sliding door?

At RobeDesign we include your make up drawer as a standard fitting.  Arrange a free consultation or drop into your local RobeDesign Showroom today.

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