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storage for your home or office

Home & Commercial Office Storage

RobeDesign storage for your home office. Sliding door storage units in the office are an exciting way to hide away your files and stationery helping you create a clutter free environment to work in.

Nowadays many of us choose to work from home at least part of our week.  A sliding door is a stunning and modern way to seperate the home office from the home.  With RobeDesign you can not only create a home office that blends in with your homes style but ultimatately compliments it.

RobeDesign can also supply and install our sliding doors in the commercial office too.  Sliding doors can be used to conceal files, office equipment etc. or used to divide up office space.  Talk to us about installin clever and versatile shelving and storage units, pull out baskets and drawer systems to keep your home or commercial office neat and clutter free.

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