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Sliding Wardrobe Interior

Standard wardrobe interior in beech.

This Interior includes:

  • 3 Standard drawers - Socks, underwear & night wear
  • Glass Cosmetic Shelf - Perfumes & cosmetics
  • Cosmetic drawer (with glass bottom to protect the base) - Make up, cosmetics etc.
  • Pull out jewellery drawer (4 seperate trays with various comparments) - Jewellery, trinkets & coins.
  • Long hanging rails - Long garments such as coats, dressing gowns, dresses etc.
  • Double hanging rails - Shirts, trousers, skirts, jackets etc.
  • Adjustable shelving - Folding items such as sweaters, cardigans.  Shoes, bags, hats etc.
  • Storage Space - Accross the top, full width of sliding wardrobe (wardrobe)

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